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  • Duration: 12 hours
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Section 1: Introduction to Visual Regression Testing (2 hours)

This section will orient learners to visual regression testing. It will cover topics such as what visual regression testing is, its importance, and a broad overview of the processes and tools related to it. The section will end with an interactive quiz.

Section 4: Advanced Concepts in Visual Regression Testing (2 hours)

This section will be dedicated to more advanced concepts in visual regression testing. These will include the use of AI and machine learning in visual regression testing, automated visual regression testing, and more technical aspects. This will also consist of brain-storming sessions to engage learners in deep thought about these concepts.

Section 2: Tools and Software Used in Visual Regression Testing (3 hours)

This section will delve deeper into the tools and software used in visual regression testing such as BackstopJS, PhantomCSS, Wraith and more. It will include hands-on exercises wherein trainees will be taught how to use these tools through real-life scenarios and examples.

Section 5: Case Studies and Group Discussions (1.5 hours)

This interactive section will include a review of various case studies related to visual regression testing. It will allow for group discussions and critical thinking exercises to take the theory learned in the course and apply it to real-world problems.

Section 3: The Process of Visual Regression Testing (3 hours)

This important section will teach learners about the actual process of visual regression testing, from capturing screenshots to comparing them with baseline images. It will discuss in detail all the steps and components. This section will end with a team activity to have hands-on experience.

Section 6: Project Work and Review (2 hours)

This final section will require learners to apply all the knowledge and skills obtained from the course to real-world visual regression testing projects. Learners will create their own visual regression tests, run them, analyze the results and suggest improvements. The course will conclude with a project review and feedback session.

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The Visual Regression Testing Course is absolutely outstanding! The content is well-structured and the instructors do a great job breaking down complex concepts into bite-sized, easily digestible sections.

John Dolleys

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Senior Project Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed the Visual Regression Testing Course. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the subject, and the hands-on approach really supported my learning process.

Daniel Reed


As a software developer, I found the Visual Regression Testing Course incredibly valuable. The curriculum is relevant and up to date with the latest industry standards, making it a must for any serious developer.

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The Visual Regression Testing Course has been a game-changer for me! The course’s focus on practical skills, coupled with excellent theoretical coverage, has truly enhanced my understanding of the subject.

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